7 Pointers To Help You Find Good Homework Solutions

For many kids and their parents, homework time has become the circle of hell in their house, as kids keep nagging parents to get their homework and assignments done. For those parents and kids battling over school work, these seven pointers would help find the best homework solutions.

  1. Choosing a mentor for homework: It is important for kids to have their homework mentors either in the family or a little older child in the neighborhood. This person could be a homework helper who get paid and meet with the kids in the house or library to get their homework done. It is possible for kids to learn homework focusing and organizing skills from this peer better than their parent.
  2. Hiring a tutor: hiring a tutor to help kids with their homework would remove the emotional child parent equation concerned with homework. Kids are also more willing to work with a tutor than their parent and tutors use different skills and languages to help kids with homework.
  3. Parents should not be overly helpful with kid’s homework: though it is okay to sit with kids when they do their homework, it is not overly necessary. Goal of all parents is to help less with homework over time and move farther when child does his work. This would help kids to think through their work and on their own before they could take a helping hand.
  4. Homework checklist: it is a good practice to create a homework checklist folder and teach kids to update it periodically to avoid forgetting assignments and homework at home. Parents should encourage their kids to figure out when they miss or forget their return homework.
  5. Let homework not be busywork: good homework helps kids to recollect what they have learned but should not be busywork and should not be done in extreme amounts. Busy homework requires parents to get substituted for teachers at home and a number of educators are advocating changes for the way homework gets assigned in schools these days.
  6. Keeping track of homework time: if an elementary school kid spends an hour and half with just a single subject then this is a little too much. It is important to track homework time of kids for several days and take the issue to the teacher. There are also chances for kids to struggle with long hours of homework, and then this issue is to be taken to the teacher.
  7. Make homework time structured time: when kids come home, it is important to schedule their time every evening to let kids know that there is a time to eat, to do homework and for play.
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