Math Homework Help: Easy Tips To Improve Your Memory

Memory is a curious thing. We all know people who remember the details of a past event with astounding clarity, but cannot recall where they had kept their keys after coming home!

There are those who remember just about everything and those who keep forgetting everything.

There are two types of memory: Short-term and long-term. There is also a third type: working memory. This is the type we use more and the one, which causes us the most annoyance when it fails.

Technology has made human memory almost redundant. Google and other search engines have replaced the memory. No wonder more and more people complain of chronic forgetfulness.

The good news is that memory is not static. Like all else, it has a dynamic nature. The more you exercise it, the better it will become. You need to pump the memory muscles. These exercises can help you with practicing.

  • Sit alone in a quite part of the house. Look around the room and notice the colors, furniture, curtains, gadgets, and other things around you. Now close your eyes and visualize the room in all its detail. Can you name everything that you observed? Open your eyes and check. Repeat this in other rooms on different occasions.

  • Start memorizing phone numbers. Start with one phone number and then add more, one by one, with names.

  • Read the license plates on the street. Try closing your eyes right after seeing one and repeat the numbers in your head.

  • Download a memory enhancing game or software. These may be overrated but are built on the same premise: memory improves with practice.

  • Online help is also available. There are whole websites and blogs dedicated to solving the memory problem. Read up.

  • In addition to theoretical material available online, there are online memory games, which are geared towards improving the working memory.

  • Meditate. Your brain needs rest from processing information all the time. It started working when you were born, and will keep working all your life. You cannot make it stop but you can change gears and put it on low speed. Meditation does not need to be a strict ritual; it can very well be 10 minutes away from all activity where you consciously try emptying it of thoughts and worries.

  • Sound therapy: You can find sound therapy specifically designed for memory problems. How effective it is in improving memory is anybody‚Äôs guess, but it is out there and some users swear by it.
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