Students' opinion: should homework be banned in schools?

Homework has been a major requirement for students over the years. They have been required to complete hours of work outside of school and have been graded on their efforts. Let’s look at a student’s opinion of homework.

Should homework be banned in schools?

Homework is not very helpful. It is a complete waste of time. We have to spend eight hours in school or more and then when we get home we have to spend even more time doing homework. I think that we would benefit more if we did the problems in class together so that we do them the right way. I have found that if I have an immediate response to whether or not I am doing the problem right, I will learn the concept faster. When I do problems incorrectly, it is really hard to turn it around and do it right. I keep making the same mistakes.

By the time I get done with my homework, it is time to go to bed. I just think that we should have some time to relax and some time to play outside or be a kid. There is not enough down time. You can get worn out so easily when you are constantly pushed to the limit every day. It makes it even harder if you do any extracurricular activities. When you get home, you have to rush through your homework before you go to practice. If you don’t finish, then you have to stay up late and finish when you get home. You aren’t performing at your best capacity because you went to school all day, did your homework, ate dinner, went to practice, took a shower, and then did some more homework.

Homework can also be stressful for parents. They not only have to make sure that you get it done but they can’t always help you with it either. They learned differently and the same concepts a long time ago. They try their best to teach you but they have trouble because they don’t know the answers. Then you are stuck with no help and it doesn’t help to practice something that you don’t know.

Overall homework is just a waste of time because it is busy work. We would learn the concepts better if we could do them in class and know right away if we got the right answers. Once we complete the homework, we don’t see it again until a few days later and by then we don’t remember how we did it to begin with. They system needs to be revised.

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