5 math homework horrors and ways to overcome them

Homework horrors can descend upon an unsuspecting mind on a sunny day and send the little universe of a student’s limited time crashing in a heap! In addition, what is worse than a grand horror by the mother of all horror-creating courses: Math?

Here we list the top five math homework horrors and humbly suggest ways to overcome them, if not quickly and painlessly then at least with a minimum of time and pain:

  1. Homework Itself:
  2. First, it needs to be said that homework is a horror in itself. Who needs to bring school everywhere they go. School is for schoolwork and homework is not homework at all but schoolwork invading your home time! Having a bit of practice at home and one or two assignments every now and then do not kill anyone. However, every child gets homework EVERYDAY. This needs to be addressed and remedied. Talking to the school administration and teachers can be the first step in limiting the amount of work assigned to students for home.

  3. A ton of algebra/Arithmetic/Geometry/trigonometry at once:
  4. Sometimes the horror is the sheer magnitude of homework. It is a nightmare and a half to sit down and work on a weekend while everyone else is playing, meeting friends, or going to the movies. Sometimes there is so much to do that kids shy away from starting at all. Solution: Protest at the outset. Let the teacher know that this is too much for you. Speak to your parents or guardians and have a Parent-Teacher Meeting arranged.

  5. Wrong answer (!):
  6. You worked your head and hands off solving a lengthy problem only to find out you have not reached the right conclusion! This is a pickle, and a big one at that. Do you go back and start over? Yes! Alternatively, you could just carefully examine each step of the solution and maybe you will find where you went wrong. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to this.

  7. Problems/questions that is new for you:
  8. A new chapter, especially if it is the one you do not have a grip on, can be scary. It can be so scary that it can shut your mind even before you attempt to solve a problem. That is a mental block. Try jumping over it. If nothing works, call a friend or ask for help.

  9. Math homework the day before a geography test:
  10. Have you lost count of the times this happens? You have a test tomorrow but your math (or another) teacher has refused to budge despite the whole class’ murmurs of protest. Solution: Try doing the homework in class or as soon as you have arrived home. This will take the pressure off you and you are then free to attack the test preparation whenever you are ready.

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