How To Make Math Homework Fun For Kids: List Of Ideas

Math can be for everyone- you just need to present it the right way:

Trying to get kids to love math can be one of the many challenges of being a parent, some kids naturally love math and some just don’t. It can take a lot of brain power to do math and some kids just don’t like it when they can’t figure things out easily. Everything that has to do with math may not be used in everyday life but believe it or not there are a lot of math skills that are used naturally in a day to day basis. As a young kid they naturally love learning new things, figuring out new patterns, doing puzzles, sorting things, counting and more, these are some aspects that are associated with math. Once addition, division, subtraction, multiplication and more get added into their lives as a daily dose of math then they start to think of it as not being fun.

Some tips and tricks that can be done to encourage the child to love math:

There are a lot of tip and tricks as well as shortcuts that can be learned in math, some are really easy to remember and some are kind of hard, but in the long run each one does help you out a lot. You just have to know how to apply it all. For example there are:

  • Multiplication tricks and tips – if you need to multiply something by the number 9- say for example you are needing to multiply the number nine by the number eight, you count the eighth finger on your hands, put the eighth finger down and see that the number of fingers on the left side is the first digit of the answer and the number of fingers on the right side is the second digit of the answer

  • Cool number tricks – like finding out someone’s age- have the person take their age and multiply it by the number five then have them add three to that number them have them double that number and then have the person add the second number of their age to the number and then from that answer take away six and you will have their age

Showing kids that math can be fun is a really great experience for parents to have with their kids and showing kids that learning is fun is what encourages them to go on to do more and more.

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