Math Homework Live Help: 5 Places You Should Visit This Time

Need a little extra help with math but don’t know where to turn? Here are five places you should absolutely try if you need someone who can help you get your homework done.

  • Your school’s math lab. If your school has a math lab, use it! It’s there to help you, so there’s no shame in walking in and declaring that you need help. Some labs will offer peer tutoring, where someone close to your own age will help guide you through problems, or have professional tutors and scholars available who can counsel you on homework issues or areas where you are struggling.

  • Your teacher’s extra credit hours. As much as you don’t want to spend any more time with your teacher, or in a classroom for that matter, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and go to extra help. Most teachers have specific hours and days when they provide office hours or after-school help for struggling students. They may even host an extra math class in your free period, so you don’t have to sacrifice your precious after-school free time!

  • Your local library. Your library will probably have a bulletin board where people can advertise tutoring services. You can shop around for a tutor who will give you the help you need for a price you can afford. Some tutors might be older students at your school, college students, college grads, or even teachers or ex-teachers. If something doesn’t work out with your first tutor, have no fear: there are plenty of people willing to teach you a thing or two for a little extra cash.

  • A local college. Call up your local college’s education department and see if they offer any tutoring programs or internships. Sometimes, college students like to tutor to gain field experience, or as credit for a class. See if your local college can put the word out that you’re looking for some extra help in math.

  • The internet. In today’s day and age, there’s no limit to what you can find online, and math homework help is no exception! There are tons of tutoring sites that offer low-cost one-on-one tutoring help from scholars. You could have a Skype or video chat, a phone call, or an online conversation with someone who has lots of experience and who can help you improve your math skills. A good thing about these sites is that they offer you the chance to browse scholars up front and shop around for the best rates. Some even offer free services!
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