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When a student is having trouble with homework assignments, the most helpful place to look is the window outside of their classroom. The outside world is filled to the brim with knowledgeable people, books, technology and more that can guide a student in the right direction. Although students can utilize teachers, friends, a search engine or a book, some significant overlooked resources exist for the student of the 21st century.

  • - Flea Markets
  • - Historical Reenactment Societies
  • - Retirement Homes
  • - Volunteer Organizations

Flea Markets

In order to understand human dynamics, especially when it comes to a course in any sub-discipline of sociology, a flea market is an amazing place to observe people in an everyday environment. Flea markets are usually held in a large parking lot of a business or company and allows for everyday people to sell the items they no longer have use for without having to turn to internet sales websites. Flea markets allow students to see just how much some people need money, i.e. when it comes to a bartering for items, the hardworking crowd, i.e. those persons slaving over a hot stove to get as many cheeseburgers or hot dogs out to those hungry people attending in the lunch time hours, etc.

Historical Reenactment Societies

If a student is struggling with one of their history assignments when it comes to times or dates, they should look into joining a historical reenactment society. Many of these organizations focus around a period of history such as the Civil War and reenact famous battles for the visiting public to observe. Many of the people in this organization are history buffs, which allow a student to pick their brain about better ways to understand how history happened and what it did for today’s society.

Retirement Homes

Another amazing way to understand where the world used to be is by visiting a local nursing home. Many elderly men and women in these homes have been through pivotal events in American (and international) history such as World War I and II, the Korean and Vietnam War, the stock market crash/Great Depression, amongst others. These are some of the best people to inquire with about the ever changing world as it is important to gain their first-hand experience before it is too late.

Volunteer Organizations

Volunteering is not only an amazing way to give back to society, but it can allow for a student to learn more for their courses in business. Although these organizations are purely unpaid, a student can team up with a marketing department to learn how to entice others to volunteer, with a construction company to learn blueprints and schematics or even the president of the organization to learn how to delegate responsibility and draw up business plans. The possibilities are endless when it comes to learning how to become a more effective learner.

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