Getting Free Algebra Homework Help: Step By Step Tutorial

Hiring a private tutor—whether online or private—may come at a hefty price that you are not willing to pay. Here are some great ways to get this kind of help free of charge. The points here are laid out step by step so as to give you the easiest options first, and then some backup plans in case you don’t find what you are looking for.

Start with your teacher

Your first point of contact should be your math teacher. Many teachers are more than willing to sit with students individually and explain concepts they are struggling with. Some teachers may also start to recognize that a few students are finding it hard to grasp concepts and will actually start an after-school extra class that will come together on a daily or weekly basis. If such a class already exists, make sure you join in order to obtain all the help you can get.

See what’s out there

There are some great online resources you can also try which explain algebra concepts that are most often misunderstood. One of these options is online video tutorials that are free to view on video streaming sites. You can often subscribe to channels that host these videos and receive ongoing help from tutors. Another option is free homework help sites which have static pages containing algebra solutions. Bookmark some of these pages on your browser and refer back to them as often as you need.

Subscribe to a forum

If you still have unanswered algebra questions, subscribe to a math forum and pose your questions to teachers. There are many helpful individuals on these algebra forums and some of them are older students who can help you at no charge. What’s nice is that you will often get more than one answer; so hearing the same concept explained in several different ways can really open up your understanding.

Study groups do work

As a last resort, ask around your class to see who would be interested in joining a study group. Students who get together and solve their homework problems together often get a lot more done than students who struggle on their own. Five or six students in the same room who are looking at the same problem, are more likely to come up with the solution faster—and also more likely to spot mistakes if any have been made.

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