Getting Some Help With Statistics Homework

  1. - You can start a study group and do homework together with some of your classmates. They will be familiar with the lessons you are learning and how you learned them.
  2. - You can visit your teacher during office hours and ask for extra help, though they may be unable or unwilling to give it.
  3. - You can pay a tutor either online or in person to work with you on the side. You can find professional tutors or peer tutors through your university or your local community.
  4. - You can peruse online educational sites and look for tutorials or advice blogs with lesson plans related to your subject.
  5. - You can improve your current study habits so that you retain more and do better on your homework.

There are many scientific studies that revolve around the importance of good study habits.

Use your cell phone less.

Quit using your cell phone that much. Or at least, use it better. Studies indicate that there is a strong correlation (relationship) between cell phone use and performance on homework and tests. More time on cell phones is linked to higher feelings of anxiety. This leads to worse performance. How?

Consider this: you are doing homework. You get a text message. You stop and respond to the question from someone you like. And then, instead of getting back to homework, you are anxious and sit there staring at the phone, re-reading the original message, and wondering when they will respond. On top of that, if the response never comes or it does come but it is not something you wanted to hear, then you start to feel down on yourself which makes it harder for you to return to your homework.

Studies show that there is a correlation between your ability to do homework well and with your phone. The more time you spend on your phone, the less physically active you are. This causes your stress levels to build up and your anxiety levels too.

Being physically active actually improves long term memory. This means that being physically active and limiting the time you spend on your phone will actually reduce your anxiety and make it better for you to focus on homework.

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