Dealing With 2nd Grade Math Homework: Tips For Parents

2nd grade math homework may appear simple enough to you. For the child however, the grass is of a different color. Often, they get so puzzled by the different aspects of additions and multiplications and the initial phases of fractions, that they begin to ignore the subject.

  • - The parents’ role
  • It invariably falls on the parents to tackle the homework. However, it won’t do to only complete the assignments; you have got to make the matter interesting to the kids. There are a few ways to it, which you need to utilize with love and honesty.

  • - Take them through the book
  • It is best to give an easy flowing run of the math book to the kid. You should make use of a stance that pleases the kid; stopping on the colorful sections and solving some of the easy problems.

  • - The wonder of numbers
  • Tell them some of the fantastic number puzzles. The ones where you used to add birth dates to the current year and divide by 5 or 9 to come out with a particular number. Show them the easy way to learn tables and do multiplication.

  • - Pepper them with rewards
  • Pepper kids with proper rewards if they do their homework well. Encourage them to do it on their own; without taking help from anywhere else. Tell them it is human to make mistakes; that mistakes are the best learning phase. They should be made to earn their laurels.

  • - Make an enquiry
  • Enquire with kids as to the most daunting portion of their math syllabus. Try to introduce him into it with such ease and fluency that he feels it is not so hard after all. Solve a sample question and then give him a similar problem. It is a wonderful thing to see the delight on his face when he follows your step and solves the problem.

  • - Consult with teachers
  • Teachers are professionals who know how to handle kids. Take instruction and ideas from them as to how to make the child more amenable to mathematics. Also, ask them for tricks to make him interested in homework.

  • - Do your homework well
  • On your part, you should offer the kid silent and encouraging space for studies; far from television or other distractions. Instill in him the value of education and why it is necessary to study for a couple of hours daily. That will suffice for a 2nd grade student.

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