How to Deal with the Stress from Homework

Homework can be a stressful endeavor for any student. Too much homework can bring about a great deal of stress. And the more stress you add to your plate the worse off you will be. That is why it is important to find ways to manage your stress and your homework.

Below are some tips on doing that:

  1. Find a place to study. You should have a special study space where you do your homework. Some students cannot study at home. This might be because siblings make a lot of noise or mom always wants you to clean something up “now” regardless of what you are doing. If you find that studying or doing homework at home does not actually work well for you then try a different approach. Find a place that does work well for you. This can be a café down the street or the library at school. It can be a park nearby or a friend’s house where your mom can’t ask you to do chores. Where ever it is you want the space to be quiet and distraction free. Nothing increases your stress like trying to think of a creative conclusion to your paper only to be interrupted multiple times and have the creativity fly away.
  2. When you do find your homework space try and go there regularly. You will find that the burden of doing homework is lessened when you tackle it a little at a time.
  3. In your homework space you should alleviate all distractions including your cell phone or facebook page. If you cannot work with clutter then work in a clean space.
  4. Stay organized. Make sure you bring everything you need to do your homework to the homework space each time. Try and keep a pencil box or bag with the things you need (such as paper and a calculator and extra pencils) that way you never have to break in the middle of a thought to find something.
  5. Try and keep a calendar of some sort. With a master calendar you can write down all of the assignments you have for the week and month. You can then have a weekly calendar where you write down each task you have for each class. In doing so you will never be surprised by homework assignments and can stay on top of your coursework at all times.
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