How To Overcome The Procrastination And Boredom

Those who derive pleasure from writing are a limited bunch, composed mainly of struggling screenwriters, housewives trying to pass the time and thirteen year old "poets" who nobody understands. For the rest of the world, writing is rarely an enjoyable task. It is dull and tedious and all too often we find ourselves getting distract by more exciting things (several minutes ago I stopped writing this to cheer my cat on in a fight with my neighbor’s Jack Russell.)

So how does one overcome the procrastination and boredom encountered while writing? Here is a short guide to getting your mind back on track and getting that work done.

Set yourself a goal -

  • If you're like me, you're extremely petty and don't like to lose even in imaginary competitions. Set yourself an aim that will give you something to work towards.
  • A good goal is to be finished by a certain time. You may also want to try aiming for certain number of words or paragraphs.

Change your writing area -

  • If you're struggling to find the motivation to get stuff done, you might want to try a change of scenery. This will make your work seem fresh and interesting again.
  • It doesn't have to be a dramatic change in scenery, simply moving from one room to another is fine; even just rearranging your desk can work.

Change your writing equipment -

  • Like the above point, this tip operates on the idea that change is good. Changing your writing equipment can be beneficial as it allows to produce familiar work but in a new format.
  • If you use a computer, try switching to a pen and paper. While this may seem odd at first, there is nothing like hearing the scribbling of a pen to make you feel good about the amount of work you've done.

Listen to music -

  • Listening to music when you write is a good way to avoid distractions as it is an enjoyable activity that can be done while writing your paper.
  • You may even find yourself trying to prolong your writing session in order to listen to the end of a song.

Drink coffee -

  • I really wanted to leave this one out because it seems so generic, but ultimately, it's generic for a reason: Coffee has helped writers find stimulation for centuries.
  • If you don't like coffee, try tea or any other caffeine drink.
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