How To Focus On Doing Your Homework: Effective Techniques

Sitting down to do your homework after a full day at school is not anyone’s favorite activity. To complicate matters further you have to deal with all sorts of distraction to get your homework done properly. Things can be made to go smoother and the homework finished quicker if you can train yourself to focus on the task. It is not very hard to do, especially if you are kind to yourself without becoming much undisciplined.

  1. 1. Schedule your time: The very first thing you should do is schedule specific hours dedicated to homework activity. This has to be more of a sketch than a rigid timetable. Once your mind has gotten used to turn towards studies at a specific time, it will not remain a task to convince yourself to sit down and start studying.

  2. 2. Productive environment: It is very important that you have a specific place for doing your homework. Your table should be organized/ disorganized as per your preference. Avoid distracting sounds and sights as much as possible.

  3. 3. Divide your homework in sections: Smaller chunks of any work that you do are far easier to manage. Divide your time AND your homework in small sections. Handle the sections as separate tasks.

  4. 4. Concentrate for 20 minutes at a time: Your mind is designed to concentrate well for 20 minutes at a time. Use this as a guidepost and keep yourself laser focused for 20 minutes at a time. Bracket off any thoughts that arise during these 20 minutes, and tackle them later. Go back to these thoughts after the 20 minutes assigned to homework.

  5. 5. Reward yourself: pat yourself on the back at the end of each section and 20-minute session. Do a favorite activity: listen to a song, read a page from the novel you have just started, or call a friend for 5 minutes. Go back to work after 5 minutes.

  6. 6. Punishment: You can punish yourself with doing the most hated chore of your life, like ironing shirts, or doing dishes, if you mess up the homework schedule.

  7. 7. Breaks: Breaks are the most important part of your schedule. Treat these with respect. You will not be able to concentrate in the next session if you do not relax in the break or skip the break all together.

Not all the tips in the world can make you focus on your homework if you do not have the will to do it. Be determined to gain focus so that you can efficiently glide through the homework instead of spending countess hours procrastinating or inefficiently working.

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