4 Useful Reading Homework Ideas For Middle School Students

Reading for middle school students is different from when they were in elementary. Middle school assignments increase in level of difficulty and it is important they understand content presented to them. There are various ways of helping students obtain necessary reading skills for this academic level. As you learn about different options they can be tailored to fit student needs. To give a general idea of what can be done here are 4 ideas for middle school reading homework assignments for students.

  1. 1. Read a story and answer related questions. There are workbook study sheets students can use that include reading a story and answering related questions. An adult can make up questions if they want in relation to a story read to see how well a child comprehended the content. There are also reading sheets that can be obtained online providing the same type of exercise. Such sheets online can be printed while featuring a short story and a few questions students can answer.
  2. 2. Have a reading schedule and read for a set amount of minutes daily. Homework assignments can also feature just simply reading a book daily. Some students read daily as part of their homework assignment to improve their abilities. A schedule can help them get on track and read regularly to stay in the habit. The parent or adult can decide how long the child will spend time reading and they can record this information in a reading log.
  3. 3. Define unknown or new words found in reading text. As the child reads through their assigned content they can write down words they come across they may not know. After reading each passage they can look up the word in the dictionary. The homework assignment could include using the word in a sentence to expand the child’s vocabulary. There are also homework spelling sheets online the child can use to record new words they come across.
  4. 4. Write an essay or book report related to a story. Most homework assignments require a student to read a book and write an essay. This is a homework assignment a child can do weekly as a form of practice. There are children’s books and magazines with stories children can read and then they can write about the content in an essay or report form to exercise there abilities.
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