Can A Freelance Website Help Me With My Homework

A freelance website, is a site where Freelancer’s can be hired. In order to find one that can help, it is important to define what is meant by help. Being that there are many types of Freelancers, it's necessary to look for what is needed, and if it falls under their job description. In many cases, though, a student support site would cost less, and get more help. This article will look at what a student can get from a Freelance site.

  1. 1. Writing
  2. 2. Graphic/Illustrator
  3. 3. Accounting/Business
  4. 4. IT/Webdesign
  5. 5. Photography
  • Writing
  • This is one of the heaviest fields in Freelance work. There are a lot of Freelance Writers available. Most of which can do essays, and Theses. Contracting one might be a bit expensive, but if it is known that it is a student that is looking, and a price range, some might discount their work. As with any Freelancer, be honest with them, as it takes their time, and knowledge. Offer the best range the student can afford, and more are likely to respond.

  • Graphic/Illustrator
  • For those needing artwork, or majoring in Art, this is likely going to be a tougher area. These people are proud of their work, and they have worked hard to get where they are. Just like most Freelancers, to get a name, it takes a lot of hard work, and scarfice. But help is still possible, it just might be a lot harder, and cost more, but some might be willing to discount their work for a student. Some may even be willing to help as a Tutor.

  • Accounting/Business
  • Students in these fields, might have the easier time, but that will depend on who is seeing your request. They can help with areas within their expertise. Some of these may even be willing to work as a tutor, as they can give a lot of real world experience, this could help the student.

  • IT/Webdesign
  • These people are likely to best at helping tutor a student with some of the more technical aspects of the trade. As they have the real world experience, which sometimes mirrors the school experience, they can show where there are differences, and more effective ways of doing things.

  • Photography
  • Photography is a constant process of change. Never are two shoots are alike, as such getting a photographer as a tutor, can give a student much more knowledge than many books. Knowing how to effectively tweak a camera in a difficult situation can be something that can very much help a student with their studies.

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