5 Interesting Math Homework Ideas For Students

Math is a subject that is difficult for a lot of students. Everyone learns differently and at different rates, so not everyone gets math right away. Especially in the higher grades when the math gets harder, it can be particularly difficult. There are some ways to make math homework easier though. These ideas work for students in all grades and for all different types of math. Some will work better for higher-grade math, and some will work better for the lower grades, but they do work.


  • - Use visual aids
  • - Check your work when possible
  • - Use mnemonic devices
  • - Do the easy ones first
  • - Use real world examples

Use Visual Aids

Visual aids are great for this subject. Mathematics can sometimes seem so abstract or hard to understand but when you use visual aids to see the math at work, it gets easier to understand. An example of this would be using objects to demonstrate multiplication or division in a way your brain can see is right.

Check Your Work When Possible

This is particularly helpful in the lower to middle grades for students. Oftentimes in those grades, you can use the answer you got and work backward. If you do this and you get the same number that you started with then you know you did it right.

Use Mnemonic Devices

Mnemonic devices are tricks to help you remember something. For example, some students are taught long division with the mnemonic device Dirty Monkeys Smell Bad. Each letter at the start of every word stands for something. In this case, it is Divide, Multiply, Subtract, and Bring down. Others mnemonic devices can be rhymes or any device that helps you remember.

Do the Easy Ones First

Sometimes it is easiest just to work on what you know first so you can focus on the hard ones later on. This is a technique that has been used by many students very successfully over the years.

Use Real World Examples

Eventually, you get into math that doesn’t even have all numbers; there are letters too or only letters. For these problems, it is best to have a real world example in mind. For example, while using the formula that determines interest, imagine a painting is worth so much money, what will it be worth in so many years? This can help you better understand.

These ideas are time tested and true. Math can be an especially difficult subject to handle so having some help couldn’t hurt. Just implement whichever idea or ideas fit your current problem.

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